I guarantee live arrival and that my geckos are healthy when being shipped out. The animals must be delivered on first attempt and that the temperatures are within 40F-85F for deliveries. If no one is there to receive them, the Live Arrival and Health Guarantee is voided. I must be notified within 1 hour if an animal is dead on arrival (DOA) along with proof in the form of a picture or video of the dead animal for a refund to be issued. ***If the notification and the picture/video isn’t received within one hour, the live arrival guarantee is voided. *** This guarantee is also void if the wrong shipping address was given to me by you, which it causes a delay. If sent to a shipping hub, the guarantee is void if the package remains at the shipping center more than six hours after the center opens.

Live Arrival Guarantee
Health Guarantee

I offer a 7-day health guarantee because I am confident that your new gecko is going to be 100% healthy upon arrival and for the days to come. The reason why my health guarantee is not longer is because I have no way of monitoring for any improper husbandry. If there are any concerns with the animal or husbandry set-up, please do not hesitate to contact me in order to avoid any potential problems.

In the event that an animal begins to exhibit signs of a health issue, please contact me within 24 hours so that I can try to help you remedy the problem before it's too late. This is very important, and failure to do so WILL void your guarantee.

Not Covered: This health guarantee does not cover outside injuries such as tail loss, attacks by other animals, keeper mistakes, etc. The health guarantee also does not include complications such as dehydration and heat stress in animals not properly unpacked after delivery in a timely manner. 

A full refund will be given in the case of DOA’s when contacted within 1 hour of delivery with photos/video. Refunds will NOT be issued for dropped tails. In the case of unhealthy geckos, some type of a refund, or return, may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. However, for a claim to be considered, I will need to see the habitat conditions for the animal.

Note on tail dropping—Crested Geckos in the wild usually drop their tails before they reach adulthood. It’s a defense mechanism to avoid predators. They don’t grow back, save a teeny tiny stub. In captivity, it seems like some crested geckos will drop their tails if you *think* about looking at them funny, while others will put up with some rough handling (even by a little kid) and keep their tails. What stresses or startles a gecko enough to drop its tail, is very much an individual thing. Dropping a tail in no way what-so-ever effects their ability to live their lives, breed, lay eggs, or do anything else geckos do. The vast majority of crested gecko breeders and keepers consider tail drop a null issue.

Hence, if one of my babies should happen to drop its tail during shipping, I will not be giving a discount or refund for the gecko. However, I would appreciate you letting me know.

Hern dropped his tail after being startled one time, by something that had been happening every day. Maive has had all sorts of experiences and she still has her tail and is quite mellow and seems rather “bomb proof”. I don’t know, but perhaps her mellow nature might be inheritable.

Sex Guarantee

I only guarantee sex on baby geckos when I am extremely confident about their gender, normally by a macro photo of the pore area. The buyer must verify the sex of the gecko within 3 days of arrival, after which the sale is final. In the event a sexed gecko appears to be the opposite gender, a photo of the pore area will be needed to verify. If confirmed, the buyer and I will discuss options to compensate for the error. The exact details of which will need to be discussed.

All other geckos are sold as unsexed, but may be listed as “probable male” or “probable female”. It is based on my best effort to pore sex the animal, but I just can’t tell for certain yet. The unsexed geckos, even if listed probably male or female, are NOT guaranteed to be that gender.

Updated: 11-19-22