Show below are Hern the Hunter and Queen Maive’s sold babies, arranged by most recent year. Genders were originally verified by zoom-in photos for pore id.

All of the babies showed Halloween from time to time. For some, it was not their usual coloration, for others it was. The split was about 50:50 when they sold as hatchlings. I don’t know if the Halloween colored ones held the colors, or if they moved towards the lavender and cream of their parents. Neither of the parents show Halloween coloration.The juveniles show the coloration they've grown into but I will include a sample of their younger colors too.

Some of these babies are Het. for Empty Back. I only learned of this in 2022.

These babies are Sold and Gone. This page is to showcase previous year's babies, to give you an idea of what my hatchlings come out looking like. Hern and Maive produce some stunning babies!!

Updated 4-1-2023

C3.1 Drako

Hatch Date: 6-28-20
5.9 grams on: 8-1-21

Coloration/pattern traits: Halloween Quad stripe. Dark, tangerine-orange, white tips, tricolor, pinstripe, part pinstripe, phantom pinstripe, fringe legs, kneecaps, (oil spot)

Notes: 1 small oil spot over left hip

He may be Het. for the trait Empty Back. (about 98% sure)

C5.2 Speed Demon

Hatch Date: 7-26-20
6.8 Grams On: 8-2-21

He, and his clutch mate C5.1 Speed Racer, have been super fast dashers ever since they hatched, hence their names. He will occasionally try to make a run for it, so I have pay extra attention when I do grow-box swaps or pictures, but he is calming down.

Coloration/pattern traits: Halloween, occasionally fires to lavender and tangerine with cream accents, dark-lavender, bright orange-tangerine, cream--white tips, tricolor, crowned, pin-dashed, part pinstripe, tiger or flame back, drippy, dalmatian, portholes, harlequin, fringe legs, kneecaps. Furry back crests.

Yes, he REALLY was that orange!


Hatch Date: 8-20-20 early am hrs. start of day
9.2 Grams On: 9-11-21

Coloration/pattern traits: Lavender and Cream; yellow, tricolor, white tip, white wall, harlequin, drippy, dalmatian, crowned, droopy, pinstripe, partial pinstripe, furry, portholes, kneecaps, fringe legs. Possibly an extreme harlequin.


Hatch Date: 8-20-20 (But Almost 24hrs apart from C6.1)
12.2 Grams On: 8-1-21

She has always liked to try to get away. Will take flying leaps into the unknown. Big time jumper!! Tries to jump and run off every chance he gets!!!

Coloration/pattern traits: High contrast Lavender and tangerine with bright white tips, also fires to High Contrast Halloween; lavender-dark, tangerine-orange, white tips-peach tips, crowned, droopy, portholes, part pinstripe, furry, tricolor, harlequin, extreme harlequin, dalmatian, kneecaps, fringe legs.

C7.1 Mystery

Hatch Date: 6-3-20
10.9 Grams On: 8-1-21

Drako hatched full of attitude, hissing and telling me off, right out of the egg. Hence the name Drako, the dragon. Drako put on the Halloween colors early and they’ve only gotten better!! If I was going to have any holdbacks, this one would be it. Fired up, she goes black as night, with burnt orange markings. On a regular day, she’s a dark base with oranges and tangerines in her pattern.

Colors and Patterns: Extreme Halloween. dark-black, tangerine-orange, pinstripe, partial pinstripe, furry, crowned, droopy, portholes, fringe legs, kneecaps. Probably a dalmatian, hard to see dark spots on her dark to black background. Part-time tricolor due to the porthole “spikes” and crest tips being a much paler orange to near-white some of the time.

Note: Drako has not varied her Halloween coloration in 9 months. She just varies in how light or dark she gets. At the extreme of dark, she looks near black with burnt orange markings. It’s stunning!!!

Hatch Date: 9-12-20
5.1 Grams On: 9-22-21
Was Adopted by a nice mom with kids. Mystery was significantly smaller than the other babies, so s/he should only be a pet.
For interest: Mystery may also be Het. for the trait Empty Back (90% sure)---still should only be a pet. Just makes her more special.




7-19-21 (above)





5-13-21 above and below



8-25-21 above and 7-19-21 on side and below

C5.1.20 Dryad (Speed Racer)

Hatch date: 7-26-20
26.6 grams on: 9-3-22

I had her the longest, so I was able to see her develop much longer than the others. And get more attached, LOL.

She and her clutch mate C5.2 Speed Demon, hatched and were incredibly fast moving as soon as they recovered from getting out of their eggs. Moving both from the egg box to their baby boxes was tricky because of how quick they were. I changed her name from "Speed Racer" to Dryad since she mellowed out, and has an amazing wood grain pattern on her head!!

When she was young, she mostly showed Halloween colors. As she grew up, the color scheme lightened up to a Lavender and Cream/Tangerine.

Base coloration is lavender and peachy-orange markings with cream highlights. Fired, the lavender turns dark lavender with dark chocolate accenting while the peachy markings turn into a burnt tangerine, and the cream highlights just become a brighter shade of cream. There are red spots on each side of the head by the ear holes. Lots of dalmatian spots have developed; mostly along the head, back (some ink spot size), right below the back cresting, and there are a lot of new ones on the belly and back legs too.

She has a nearly full partial pinstripe that is very furry. A few portholes; crowned head; kneecap markings; and really nice fringed back legs.

She may also be Heterozygous for the trait Empty Back. I’m about 95% sure.

I really love wood grain pattern on her head!!

I'm about 98% sure she is Het. for the trait Empty Back.

Nearly a baby pic. 8-9-2020

(I had tons and tons of pictures to choose from. It was really hard to pic just a few. Aside from the top one, these are arranged in chronological order. You can see her development.)

So big, so pretty! 9-9-2022




"I'm sneaky!!
You'll never see me hiding in these plants!"

 Notes: Will probably go white wall/back like mom.

She may be Het. for the trait Empty Back (about 75% sure)