Live Arrival and Health Guarantees

Please READ before purchasing. All the info on my Live Arrival and Health Guarantee

Due to a significant change in situation.

I am selling my last gecko Queen Maive.

Payment and Shipping Terms

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Other Important Gecko Information


More important information about your new baby gecko


Here's where you contact me to purchase a gecko, or to ask any questions you might have

Updated 6-19-24

Please see my Purchase terms, and Payment and Shipping Terms, before you purchase Maive. If you have any questions, let me know.

Thank you,Barbara

Previous Baby Crested Geckos

Pictures and information about previous clutches, to get an idea of the babies Hern and Maive produce.

Queen Maive is For Sale

Queen Maive had her vet check-up on 6-17-24. She is in EXCELLENT condition and available to purchase. I am working on her "Sale" page.

Special Bonus

Maive has an awesome Exo Terra 18" x 18" x 24". The cage is filled with fake plants, lots of climbing cork walls and climbing "vines". I need to re-assemble and take pictures of it.

The cage is available with Maive, for a very small additional cost. I will also sell the cage separately.

The cage HAS to be picked up. Absolutely not possible to ship the cage.

I am selling off my baby gecko grow-up tubs and related supplies. Plus extra shipping supplies, bowls, bug supplies...and just a bunch of miscellaneous other reptile related supplies

I will set up a page listing the available supplies shortly.

Supplies for Sale Too!!