Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. Payments are accepted via PayPal. Cash is accepted only if the buyer is picking up in person. Everyone making a purchase with me is at least 18 years of age or older. Please do not order unless you are 100% sure you can afford to buy and care for the animal(s).

How To Make A Purchase

Make sure to read the Payment and Shipping Terms below FIRST. Please let me know if you are buying Queen Maive, supplies, or both.

Maive has to be shipped FedEx Hub to FedEx Hub. Put in the address you want the gecko shipped to; either the FedEx Hub you want to use, or your own if you don't know your closest hub. (See the Shipping Section below for more information.)

Supplies can be shipped to residential addresses. I will default to the cheapest shipping speed. I will tell you about how long it will take. If you want supplies shipped faster, let me know.

Please make sure your email address is typed correctly too. You will be contacted within 24 hours with the total cost with shipping and where to send the PayPal payment. Once the full payment is received, you will be contacted to arrange a shipping day. If picking up in person, please let me know and we can arrange a date and time. Cash is acceptable when picking up in person.

Cancellations, Abandoned Purchases, and Returns

An order can be canceled, by the buyer, once it is placed and not yet shipped, IF the reason for not having shipped out is NOT weather related. Orders with weather related shipping delays cannot be canceled, unless the delay has been at least 6 weeks straight with no open shipping windows. If an order is canceled, by the buyer, a CANCELLATION FEE of 25% will be deducted from your total. If the order is canceled by Misty Legends Geckos, or the extreme weather delay happens, a full refund will be issued.

Purchases that are not shipped out within 90 days of the purchase date due to lack of communication from the buyer, are considered abandoned. Abandoned purchases are subject to a 75% RESTOCKING FEE, with the remaining issued as a refund. Misty Legends Geckos will be making MANY attempts to contact the buyer to arrange shipping during this time window.

Returns will only be accepted for the following reasons, after approval, and if agreed upon to do. The gecko starts to appear unhealthy within the Health Guarantee time window. The Sex Guarantee is invoked in its time window. A return shipping label will be sent to the buyer, and the same care and caution must be used to return the gecko to me, including the shipping temperature window. Once I receive the gecko, a refund for the original cost--with shipping, will be made. IF the return shipping is not done with the same care and consideration, no refund will be issued.

Gecko shipments are not automatic. You will be contacted within 24 hours after purchasing, to arrange a shipping date that will be as accommodating as possible AND safe for the animal(s). I’ve hand raised Maive and keeping her safe and healthy is my number one concern.

Shipments are ALWAYS Scheduled *Tentative, Pending Safe Weather Conditions*


I ship when temperatures are between 40 F and 85 F on both ends at any time that the animal might be in transit. The temperature requirements apply to shipping to FedEx Ship-Center (Hubs).

I always reserve the right to postpone a shipment if I feel it's in the best interest of Maive. If, on shipping day, I determine that I cannot safely ship your package due to unsafe temperatures (or severe storm type weather), I will call and/or email to let you know shipment is postponed due to weather. I don’t like doing this, but I want to make sure Maive arrives safely.

Gecko Shipping day is Monday only, for next day delivery.
Unsafe Weather Holding (Winter and Summer)

I will hold your gecko if the weather does not allow shipment, for any period of time necessary. I will not issue a refund for Maive if I cannot ship due to unsafe weather. The only exception is when the weather delay has been at least 6 weeks straight with no open shipping window days AT ALL. If that happens, the buyer can request a full refund.

Updated 6-15-24

Shipping Restrictions Are to keep the animals super safe

I use "Hub to Hub", and Monday ship day to ensure the safest shipping trip for Maive. I want to make sure my critter arrives alright and I always ship with live arrival insurance. I will NOT ship to residential or non-reptile business addresses.

Because I am using specialty reptile shipping companies to arrange shipping, and not directly with FedEx, there are no shipping charge refunds if a package is delivered later on the delivery day than stated on the FedEx tracking page. Without these special shipping companies, I would not be able to legally and safely ship my gecko at all.

Shipping will only be done Hub/Ship-Center to Hub/Ship-Center. (Unless you are a registered reptile business. In which case I will ship to the business address on request--BUT there will be NO Live Arrival Guarantee.)

In order to find your nearest Ship Center/Hub: Go to the FedEx Website, then to Find Locations. Click on the “more” arrow, and select “Dangerous Goods Shipping”. That will pull up only the Ship-Center/Hubs.

You must provide the address of the hub you want to use, as your shipping address. I cannot ship to a FedEx hub without the HUB address. When I enter information for the shipping label, it is supposed to automatically find the nearest ship-center. If it comes up with a different Ship-Center than the one you provide, I will contact you to check which one is closer/easier to get to. I want to make sure you know where your ship-center is before setting up any shipping.

FedEx Ship Hubs are where packages get sorted before being loaded on delivery trucks for the day. They can hold your gecko box at the customer service desk to be picked up. This means a very minimal time in transit.

All orders are delivered via FedEx Priority Overnight. A tracking number will be emailed the day (or evening) of shipment, to the email you gave when completing your purchase.

Please note: the name on the shipping label must match the ID of the individual picking up the gecko from the ship hub center. I need your phone number for your package too. So far, every Hub has called the buyer when the box arrives. HOWEVER, it is normally available an hour, or more, before they call you. The tracking information will let you know much sooner when you package is ready to pick up. You will have to present your ID, and you should bring the tracking number just in case, to pick up your gecko.

The Live Arrival and Health Guarantees are void if the package remains at the shipping center more than six hours after the store opens (or from when the package arrives, if after store opening).

 (I do not add the costs of the shipping insurances to the shipping cost I charge the buyer.)

Continuing Gecko Shipping Information

For Maive: I can Only Ship on Mondays for Tuesday Delivery. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Supplies can be shipped to residential addresses. I will do my best to pack items securely. I will also try to keep excess space in the shipping box to a minimum. I should be able to ship supplies any day of the week. 

I will default to the least costly shipping method. It's usually around 5 days, but could be shorter or longer depending on where it's going, weather, etc. I will let you know the shipping time-frame when I email you the total cost.

If you want me to ship at a faster speed, please let me know, and I will re-calculate the shipping cost.

Supply Shipping Information